Dear Friends and Partners of BLEFA,

The outlook for our partners in the beer and wine industry is very optimistic based on the discussions we had at the BRAU-BEVIALE in Nuremberg.

Stainless steel kegs are undisputable the most economical and ecological packaging for beverages like beer and wine together with the highest reliability and safety available.

The trend to sustainable packaging can be supported by smart solutions to even make long-distance exports economical in stainless steel export kegs and to avoid plastic waste for the sake of our environment and the quality of your beverage.

One major success was the successful launch of our newest invention GOKEG at Brau Beviale. This keg consists of a robust stainless steel keg body and strong top and bottom chimes of polypropylene (PP). GOKEG’s diameter is 239 mm and it comes in three different volumes of 10, 15 and 20 litres. A full keg has a maximum weight of less than 25 kg, which makes GOKEG one of the lightweights in the BLEFA product range.

Our partners in the Global Network Keg Services have upgraded their capabilities to give local access to global know-how. The network will grow shortly with three new partners in important keg regions of the world which will give our customers better qualified access to various services.

Besides ongoing investments in the German factory in Kreuztal, BLEFA will further strengthen its position in other regions like North America. We have invested in our two facilities in La Vergne, TN and Vancouver, WA where BLEFA has more than 50 qualified and highly committed employees. Our quality products combined with an honest interest in our customer service and a good eye for our customer’s needs have made these facilities a success.

I wish all of our customers, employees, partners and friends a merry Christmas and a very happy, peaceful and successful New Year 2019.

Yours Alexander Brand