Since 1968 we have been manufacturing kegs for the beverage industry. This long history gives our long-standing employees in both production and consulting a deep, well-founded knowledge about kegs and the demands they have to face every day. There is a constant exchange of information among our employees, which ultimately benefits our customers. Technical knowledge is passed on to our sales staff and, in return, their experience of challenges in everyday usage and operation is reported to our technicians. This makes our ambition to manufacture the best kegs possible.

Flawless material in the manufacturing process guarantees the outstanding quality of our stainless steel kegs. Our kegs are made from high-grade stainless steel 1.4301 (AISI 304). For this, we only use stainless steel coils from well-known manufacturers with certified quality assurance methods, which we supplement with our own quality inspections. This strategy assures our customers of first class base materials resulting in long-lasting and especially robust kegs.

Our state-of-the-art facilities enable us to maintain a constant and reliable production at a consistently high standard of quality. Nothing is left to chance. Regular quality controls during the production process enable us to ensure that the kegs are always manufactured to exactly the required customer specifications.

In addition, we document the production of each keg and transfer the information to an internal CAQ system, which provides us with information at any time about which keg was manufactured, on which day with which materials and by which employee.

All these measures guarantee that we can supply breweries with first-class stainless steel kegs, that will ensure that beer will get to consumers in precisely the same quality as it was when it left the brewery. We can vouch for the following aspects which are elementary in achieving this goal:

• 100 % food safe and absolutely neutral in taste
• 100 % impermeable to UV light and gas to guarantee a long lifetime for distribution, and
• keg stability to ensure undamaged delivery to the customer and absolute safety in use

This clear focus on quality consequently guarantees a service life of up to 30 years. When it comes to reliability, economy and sustainability, our kegs deliver the best results, as confirmed by a recently conducted life-cycle analysis: Sustainability at BLEFA

Insisting on these high quality standards enables us to be the only keg manufacturer worldwide to give a 30-year guarantee on stainless steel kegs – promising our customers that they have purchased a reliable and long-lasting container for their beverages. It is this guarantee that drives us to do our best every single day.

Author: Jörg Roeder