Author: Jörg Roeder

Let’s go back to 1st February 2019. Sebastian Rath arrives at BLEFA as the new Global Sales & Marketing Director, taking over from Henning Schlabach. A good five months later, we talk to Sebastian Rath about his impressions and experiences.

BELFA: Hello Herr Rath, since February 1st, you have been the new Global Sales & Marketing Director at BLEFA. And also basically a “new-comer” to the beverage industry. How have things been for you so far?

Sebastian Rath: In a word: exciting! I’m very interested in technical subjects, which is probably one of the reasons I studied production engineering at university. But my real passion is sales. One of my first highlights here was gaining an insight into the BLEFA production landscape. Production is extremely modern and efficient and the entire team is highly motivated.

Otherwise, the reception from my new colleagues was very pleasing and they gave me active support from day one. One thing I would like to highlight is the openness in communication throughout the entire organisation and the appreciation people show for each other here.

A particular highlight was my trip to the USA for the Craft Brewers Conference in Denver. I not only got to know our American colleagues, but also had the opportunity to get an excellent first-hand impression of this really important market and have some very good discussions with our customers.

BLEFA: Your home is quite close to Cologne. Does that make your favourite beer Kölsch? Or are there a few other beers that interest you

Sebastian Rath: I spent my childhood in and around Cologne, so as a young adult, the first beer I drank was of course Kölsch. But the craft beer trend hasn’t passed me by completely. I think the passion with which the craft brewers do their job and to see what drives them on is absolutely fascinating. That’s given rise to an extraordinarily broad and interesting range of beers with many different facets of flavour, but also different marketing approaches. Currently, my favourite beer is Da Shootz!

BLEFA: What do you see as your main task here at BLEFA?

Sebastian Rath: Well, because I’m still new to the beverage market, a large part of my work at the moment is learning on the job. But I’m finding out more and more about our kegs and markets every day. What’s particularly important for me is the daily contact to our customers, as this helps me to find out what motivates them and drives them on. Without it, I wouldn’t really enjoy the work, but ultimately it’s all about being successful together. Always asking yourself, whether you’re on the right track or whether any adjustments need to be made. That’s what I see as my major task and at the same time, it’s a really exciting one.

BLEFA: Is there anything you’re especially looking forward to?

BLEFA’s development over the past few years has been outstanding and it’s important to take advantage of this position to set BLEFA up for the future. And with our products, their top class quality and our employee potential, I’m really confident that we’ll succeed in doing that.  #

BLEFA: And in private life, how does Sebastian Rath like to spend his leisure time?

Sebastian Rath: No question: I’m a total family man. My wife and children are the most important things in my life. Of course, the job takes up the great majority of my time every day, but my wife supports me 100% and I’m very grateful for that support.

The time we then spend together with our three boys is something I can really enjoy to the full. However, it would be wrong to assume that this is all peace and quiet. The three of them really keep me on my toes, but at the same time, of course, it’s great fun.

Besides the family, I like spending time with friends, and my favourite way of taking my mind off things is getting the barbecue going and enjoying a nice cool beer.

Direct line to Sebastian Rath? or +49 173 5408 849