BLEFA: Hey Justin, great to have you here for this interview.

Justin: Thanks for letting me be a part the employee spotlight series. Fire away with the questions.

BLEFA: You are currently working for BLEFA as Sales Director for North America. Would you describe our readers what is part of your job and your daily routine?

Justin: As the job title would state, I am responsible for North American sales for BLEFA and key account manager for our top relationships. I have a great team made of inside and outside sales reps and work closely with our operations and service teams to provide bespoke solutions for our customers. Keg sales are the focal point of what we do but as we are the only manufacturer with full-scale service capabilities, we also are able to provide world class service through the GNKS Network.

• Location: Cincinnati, OH
• How long at BLEFA: Three Years

BLEFA: What you like best about working in the industry?

Justin: The beer industry may be the only one where everyone you meet is truly excited about talking about their job. It is a very proud industry. On the consumer side, breweries are competitive but on the inside, everyone is collaborative, something that is also unique. Also as a consumer, it is a great time to be a beer lover with so many offerings.

BLEFA: How’d you end up in that role?

Justin: Right place at the right time in the industry. Some of my oldest friends in my professional career asked me if I wanted to sell kegs. We had moved on from those jobs but we still kept in touch… I finally said yes.

BLEFA: Can you also give us some brief insight about your personal history?

Justin: I was born and raised in the 513 and outside of five years in Dallas, the Queen City has been my home for my entire life. I spent four great years in Athens, OH getting a degree in sports administration and a minor in partying. It was fitting as my father said to me as I moved in as a freshman, “don’t let your education get in the way of your schooling.” I spent the first 15 years after college working in experiential marketing tirelessly executing events for brands. During that time, I make friendships with two guys that may know more about kegs in the US than anyone. After years of attempts, I caved and joined the beer industry. Best decision I ever made, especially going all in with no sales experience. The decision was easy with my wife right behind me. She’s my biggest fan and critic. We’ve been together for 16 years, married for ten years and have two dogs that make us complete. Traveling, sports, friends and good bourbon keep me sane.

BLEFA: What did you have for breakfast this morning?

Justin: Coffee. I am not much of a breakfast fan.

BLEFA: What is your favorite beer and what would be your last meal on earth?

Justin: I’m a huge fan of Union Jack by Firestone Walker. But other beers are on my are All Day, Truth, Shade, Oberon, etc. I never like to think about my last moments on earth but if I had to decide, it would be a 4-Way bean, two cheese coneys with no onion.

BLEFA: What is your spirit animal and why?

Justin: Great white sharks must keep moving constantly or they will suffocate and die. Restless and need a constant stream of new experiences to keep them mentally healthy. This is a very outgoing sign that
never tires of new people, places, and adventures. Extremely social and love to talk almost as much as they love to be talked about. They do have tempers, though, which come out when they are either bored or not getting what they want. Great Whites can be downright mean spirited when they are having an “off” day. They are more cunning than they are intelligent. Great White Sharks are always looking for corners to cut and steps to skip, and are usually able to do so successfully.

BLEFA: Now to our last question. Do you have a nickname?

Justin: Dubbs.

BLEFA: Justin – many thanks for this interview!