Author: Jörg Roeder

Brau Beviale 2019 in Nuremberg is history. Once again, almost 40,000 people made their way to Nuremberg to see for themselves what the beverage industry’s suppliers had to offer. For BLEFA, this has been a must-attend event for many years now. However, in this connection the word “must” has purely positive connotations, as it’s not some duty we “have to” perform, but something we always “want” to do. This year, too, the anticipation was great and we were really looking forward to meeting people and enjoying lots of good conversations.

The information provided by the organisers once again put the number of those passing through the 9 Brau Beviale halls over the three days at 40,000 (2018: 40,000), 18,000 of whom were international visitors. The 1,088 international exhibitors presented those interested with a wide spectrum of products and services. Also part of the Brau Beviale tradition are the many fringe events that regularly take place there. These include the European Beer Star Award, and the countless events dealing with the general topic of “Craft Beer”.

7 BLEFA customer consultants and countless international partner enterprises were available on the BLEFA stand on all three days to offer visitors all the help and advice they needed. Besides our traditionally delicious food, there was, of course, outstanding beer to go with it. This year, there were two beers for visitors to sample from the “Braumanufaktur Scharch” and “Störtebecker” breweries, while a special highlight was the DUEX Kölsch tapped freshly every day from a BLEFA party keg.  

One innovation launched on visitors was the Readykeg programme, aimed to satisfy quick, short-term demand. Readykegs are standard kegs that are available in small numbers straight from stock right away.

The product range includes DIN and EURO Kegs, GSG Kegs, OPTIKEGs, GOKEGs and the Party Keg.

In the Readykeg programme, customisation is a high priority. Silk screen printing, electrochemical etching and coloured chimes are standard for all keg types. In addition to this, brand names can also be embossed into the top chimes on DIN and EURO kegs later.

One special product highlight was the presentation of our “GOKEG”. This BLEFA innovation had already been presented to the public in its 20-litre version in 2018. In 2019, the 10 and 15 litre versions have now been added to the product family. The GOKEG consists of a robust stainless steel keg body and strong top and bottom chimes of polypropylene (PP). GOKEG’s diameter is 239 mm.

Besides the large screen printing space on the keg body, BLEFA also offers customers the opportunity of having the top chime customised, either by means of embossing or in-mould labelling.  

A full 20L GOKEG has a maximum weight of less than25 kg, making it one of the absolute lightweights among BLEFA’s keg range.

It’s safe to say BLEFA is more than satisfied with the way the fair went overall. Numerous visitors were welcomed to the stand, resulting in very interesting conversations. Old contacts were caught up with and new ones made. And the next Brau Beviale will be from 10th to 12th November 2020 – another must-attend event BLEFA is already very much looking forward to.