In the middle of 2020, the Krombacher Brauerei decided to modernize its keg fleet and put 20,000 beer kegs out to tender. BLEFA entered the race with their polished DIN 50.4L stainless steel keg as part of this major project and received the order at the end of November 2020. The new all-steel kegs, also known as kegs, will be used in spring 2021.  

The Krombacher Brauerei is one of the most successful private breweries in Germany, which utilizes returnable Kegs not only for their main brand Krombacher Pils but also for other types of beer. 

BLEFA and Krombacher are both from Kreuztal (Germany). Each company is preparing for the reopening of the on-trade business to enable restaurants and bars to once again serve a first-class draught beer out of Stainless Steel Kegs.    

This year, the employees of BLEFA GmbH will receive a 5L Krombacher Fresh Keg as a Christmas present. This is to celebrate the cooperation between companies and to enjoy a tapped beer for Christmas during the pandemic. This gift will help until the time comes when we can enjoy again from tap in our favorite bar or restaurant.