Author: BLEFA

As we are already an active partner for lots of large breweries and craft brewers in the United States and Canada and as we would like to draw a lot more attention to our product variety as well as our services, especially in this particular sector, we took the decision last month to launch a new advertising campaign.

In cooperation with the DUEX brewery (DUEX Website) in Köln Mülheim, who very kindly allowed us to use their premises, a photo shoot was arranged and, with the help of two models, a portfolio of photographs was put together for a series of new, modern BLEFA adverts.

Against the background of the company’s efforts to position itself in the craft brewing segment, these image ads illustrate the critical examination of beer quality during the fermentation process. The famous craft brewer image as well as the legendary care and attention with which craft beer is brewed are brought to life by our models. These motifs were chosen primarily to speak to craft brewers themselves, to give them the recognition they deserve and highlight the outstanding quality of BLEFA kegs, in which premium craft beers can be safely stored.

To create a recognition factor and to intensify the already noticeable identification with BLEFA on the craft brewing scene, a landing page (??) specially geared to the needs of craft brewers was initiated for the American market. This page invites craft brewers in particular to take a closer look at those BLEFA kegs which are particularly suited to this segment and provides the opportunity for them to find the information they need very quickly: Visit our landingpage

Snapshots of the shooting day: