Mr. C. Jagadish, Senior Manager – Sales & Projects, Lumiere Technologies, chats with Ganesh Vancheeswaran on the collaboration with BLEFA GmBH. 

Autor: Ganesh Vancheeswaran

Ganesh (G). Please tell us a little about Lumiere Technologies: what does it do, which products does it deal in and which market segments does it address?

Jagadish (J). Lumiere Technologies is a Bangalore-based company. It is a sister concern of SpectraA Group. SpectraA is well known to the brewery industry in India because it offers a complete solution to breweries. Similarly, the company offers a complete solution to distilleries, food & beverage establishments, soft drink plants, etc. also. 

Lumiere handles the trading part of this business, representing manufactures who make products purely related to the brewery industry. We sell the products of these manufacturers in India and neighbouring countries. 

We trade in the products of the following manufacturers: Pentair Haffmans, BLEFA, Jumo, RMS and Auper. 

G. What is the nature of your partnership with BLEFA? In what way will you be representing them? 

J. We represent BLEFA as the whole & sole channel partner and authorised distributor for their products in India, Sri Lanka, Bhutan and Nepal.

G. Keeping the impact of Covid-19 aside, what are your thoughts on the Indian beer industry? What are some important trends you have noticed in the past few years?

J. In India, drinking beer is becoming common. The culture is spreading, with beer being drunk as a lifestyle preference, at parties, etc. The preference for beer is growing among the present and next generations. A large percentage of the population is accepting beer as a gesture drink and slowly forgetting that it is liquor. In short, India is seeing a boom in the number of beer consumers. 

G. Given how hard Covid-19 has hit the Indian F&B industry, what do you foresee for the next few months? How and when do you see breweries and pubs in India coming out of this tough situation? What about Nepal, Bhutan and Sri Lanka?

J. At present, people in India are suffering from job loss, lower salaries, business loss, etc. Hence, it is very difficult to expect good beer business in the current situation. The same applies to our neighbouring countries also.

G. Continuing with the earlier question, is there something breweries can do during this low phase, so that they are better prepared when the market opens up again? How can they put this time to use?

J. Breweries are shutting their production due to a lack of beer consumers because of the pandemic and lockdown in these countries. They cannot utilise this time to do anything else in their manufacturing units. They will have to wait for the severity of the pandemic to reduce in order to recover business. 

G. As the distributor for BLEFA kegs in India, Bhutan, Nepal and Sri Lanka, what will be your role? Could you please share some of your plans for business in the next 2 to 3 years?   

J. As the BLEFA partner in India and neighbouring countries, we will market and spread our partnership to reach customers, end users and consultants. We will promote our partnership and our products on social media, marketing websites, etc. also.  

Our objective is to sell as many BLEFA kegs as possible in these countries through Lumiere. In other words, achieve maximum sales.

G. What skills, knowledge and other strengths does Team Lumiere have that can be leveraged for this partnership? 

J. Lumiere is well known to the brewery industry in India and neighbouring countries, through its parent company SpectraA. We are a well-equipped company, with Sales, Marketing, Engineering, Manufacturing, Fabrication, Bought-outs, Supply, Installation and Commissioning capabilities. As I said before, we provide a complete and reliable solution to the brewery industry.

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