Dear BLEFA Blog readers,

in the flood of information modern communication provides, it’s quite easy to lose track of things. And now, there’s even a BLEFA-Blog, too? You may well be asking why, but we do have a good reason for setting up this platform.

As a manufacturer of stainless steel kegs, BLEFA operates all over the world and has sales staff in the USA, Hungary and Germany. In countries without their own sales teams, we’ve been working together with numerous qualified trading partners for many years. This has given us our own global network, from which we regularly receive news from the entire beverages sector. Very probably, some of this has already been communicated via the press or social media – other information doesn’t find its way into our media landscape, although the content it covers deserves to be published. Our network is constantly being expanded through our countless contacts to various suppliers and companies in the beverages industry and these sources regularly provide us with information on current developments and trends.

All this has prompted us to collect this information and publish it in our blog in a clear, easy-to-read form. It won’t only include information from our own sources.  We will also have the support of various esteemed bloggers, such as Lucy Corne from South Africa. Lucy has been active for a number of years with her blog and has really made a name for herself in the blogger and beer scene. Lucy Corne has been “researching” beer for many years, tasting microbrews in North and South Korea, propping up bars across Canada and enjoying more than the occasional ale in her native UK. Since settling in South Africa she has become an avid participant in the booming beer scene. Lucy is the author of two books detailing South Africa’s craft beer market – African Brew and Beer Safari – and is the editor of On Tap, the country’s only beer magazine. Lucy is a qualified BJCP judge, Certified Cicerone® and an all-round hophead who can usually be found sniffing and sipping IPAs, all in the name of research.

Her excellent piece “Brewing at the tip of Africa: the challenges for small South African brewers” is one of the first contributions to our blog. In the next few months, we can look forward to more exciting articles penned by Lucy, which will give us an insight into South Africa’s beer market.

In future, we’ll be providing you with many more interesting articles on all aspects of the beverages industry, including expert opinions, fascinating stories and reports on stainless steel kegs, as well as insights into the world of BLEFA. We look forward to lively debate, exchange of opinions and invite and encourage you to comment on the articles you read. Should you also have any ideas for future blog contributions, fell free to let us know!

And finally, I’d like to take this opportunity to invite you to pay BLEFA a visit at this year’s Brau Beviale in Nuremberg. You’ll find us in hall 4a at stand 107.

Best regards

Alexander Brand